Active holiday option: go to Bled

Stopping by in Bled, Slovenia, was a lucky bet during our summer road trip Netherlands – Croatia. Totally a recommended place for active holiday seeker. Read on to find out why!




Try Canyoning  

I don’t expect canyoning can be so complicated yet fun. For first timers, canyoning is travel through in canyon with lots of options like walking, climbing, sliding, jumping, rappelling, and zip lining. Our first experience was with “Outdoor Slovenia” in Mountain Triglav – affordable price, great service (pick-up transport and well maintained gears provided), and fun but well experienced guide.



Hike in National Park’s jewel Vintgar Gorge

Refreshed after the canyoning trop, we stroll in lush National Park Vintgar Gorge. This place is amazingly beautiful – the river is turquoise clear and surrounded by green bushes. Nice walk path is made to make us walk conveniently. Love it!



Romantic Hike to See Sunrise 

We’re not an early-bird type, but we simply couldn’t miss opportunity to see beautiful sunrise on top of Bled lake.

This trail is a must – from the main road circling the lake, stop and take a walk around 20-30 minutes. Don’t worry there is a bench to relax on the top 🙂


Take Fancy Pletna to Assumption of Mary Church

Pletna is a traditional wooden boat that is typical on this area. Soaking in the serene aura of Bled lake and relaxing in the middle garden of Assumption of Mary Church which is located in the middle of the lake. Taking calm stroll is a nice experience we had here.




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