Why timewillsee?
Life is defined by each time we spent. Since life is limited, ensure that you make the most of it.

It is on you to decide if your time will see wonders of the world. We are here for you, giving our time so you will see the wonders on our behalf.

In our blog, you will see photos and videos to describe the stories, places, feelings, and mood. We understand that people prefer to see and not being told. Starting from that idea, timewillsee.com was born.

Who brought timewillsee to you?

Having a childhood dream as a journalist, Astrisia Artanti (also known as Sisi), waste her teenage time reading Roald Dahl’s books and watching Asian thriller movies. Majoring in food science and food safety, her favourite book character now is shifted from Oompa Loompa into Listeria monocytogenes (a foodborne pathogen bacteria which threatening pregnant woman and infant).

Travel around three continents (and wanting more) with her husband, William Setiawan, she always plan to share her stories to other people. At certain point, William challenges her to have blog as her weekend part-time job.

William himself has trained to sleep late, or sometimes does not sleep at all, during his study in Architecture. Inspired by one course of photography, he chose to be a photographer afterwards. Make sure to know his portfolio more on www.williamsetiawan.com.

As being partner in marriage is not enough, they decide to build their virtual baby together: this blog namely timewillsee.com. While William is busy with photos and videos for blog content, Sisi is busy with writing. So, you know to whom you can complaint and appraise to

Last but not least, thank you for visiting our blog. Please sharing our blog around since marketing may not be our thing (yeah, too much time learning food composition and structure of building). Keep following our stories by subscribe and follow us on our social media!