Gran Canaria Highlights

Summer is shimmering now – and it is now its show time!

Our option this year is heading to the hip island Gran Canaria in Canary Islands. Although located in North Atlantic Ocean near African continent, these islands are Spanish territory.

We choose the best highlights of our vacation for your bucket list to Gran Canaria.




Best Sunset : Maspalomas Dunes

Vast sand dunes next to the coast where you can see sunrise and sunset is one of our fave-to-go place during our stay. If you’re not an early bird, spend time picnicking on the dunes in late afternoon to embrace the sunset.



Best Laid back : Puerto Rico

Staying in Marina Suite is one of our best decision. The view from our room on the top floor is superb – dozens of yacht and boat hovering in marina, next to crescent shape beach and busy life of water sport on the sea. Our favorite is the infinity pool with wooden terrace facing the sea.



Best Pool: natural infinity next to the sea

You are in Gran Canaria, anyway, so why not dip and get splash a little bit (or a lot). If you are lazy goer: go to Piscinas de Roque Prieto. This amazing natural pool has two separate salty water with refreshing tides in the late afternoon. Its smooth rocky slope is perfect spot if you in favor of sunbathing.



Alike pool but more crowded is Agaete Piscina Natural Pool. Located next to Agaete city and promenade Playa de la Nieves, relaxing on the pool after caving in beauty of this port city could be a great combo. For us, Agaete is vibrant with local culture life. From the promenade, the magnificent cliff El Risco stand tall next to blue sea.



Best High View:  Mirador de Arucas

For sure the center of the city is surrounding the Church of San Juan Bautista. This pretty cathedral is so scenic, from the city walk or from high view. Take up hill from Mirador de Arucas to see Arucas city, nearby cities, even up to Las Palmas!



Best Activity: plunge into the water!

On contrary, if you are adrenaline junkie, try different water sport activities offered in Puerto Rico. We grab package for jet ski and parascending. We like this wow experience.



Best Strolling Village: Puerto de Mogan

Puerto de Mogan atmosphere is definitely different than other city in Gran Canaria. The vibe here is relaxing yet welcoming. Located close-by Puerto Rico, this village is no doubt one must stop location in your roadtrip.




Best Hike : Roque Nublo

We like Roque Nublo, the 2nd highest mountain in Gran Canaria, better than the highest Pico de las Nieves. Journey along the dusty grounds and stingy sun ray during mid-day was though, but we can proudly say that we touched this famous landmark!




Best Getaway: Mirador de balcón

To see spectacular view in Gran Canaria – stop over in far west of this island is a must. It is simply amazing to be able to see the cliffs – which also called as “Dragon Tail Cliffs.”



Best Roadtrip: on the way GC-200 to Mirador de balcón

On the west corner of this island, this viewpoint brings you to wide Atlantic Ocean. But it’s all about the journey, not the destination. To reach Mirador de Balcon, choose road GC-200 which offer superb cliffs view. Some part of the road is now connected with brand new highway, so keep an eye on signage during your trip.



Hidden Gem: Playa de Veneguera

There is 40 minutes effort to reach Playa de Veneguera from the main road GC-200- but it is also worth the journey. The gravel road makes it difficult to pass in high speed, which is why we kept in slow pace. But calm current and less crowd makes this place super nice to chill out.


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