How’s Late Winter in Iceland?

If you heard Iceland name, you’ll expect icy and chilly place to go to. Well, personally I don’t dare to go to that cold. I felt grateful to mesmerized by Iceland in spring  instead. Opposite of me, my husband adore Iceland landscape very much (Click here if you wonder, why???) till he decided to go with wanderlust craze buddies to taste Icelandic winter. Read on to know how the journey turned out!



Six adventure-seekers flew from Schiphol, Amsterdam with full charged spirit. Starting slow with exploring the Capital, Reykjavik, the group was pretty amazed by this serene capital city (totally make senses compared to hustle bustle in Jakarta or Amsterdam).



Excited wayfarer in Hallsgrimkirkja 

Climbing the mighty Hallsgrimkirkja was the highlight of the day, aside from enjoying fresh fried Icelandic fish in famous restaurant Fish & Chips. Enough about the town, the next day they went away to breathe Icelandic freezing air in Seljalandfoss.



Seljalandfoss is always amazing – and even more from the back!


What’s interest them the most about Seljalandfoss was spectacular view from different angle. Seljalandfoss is amazing from faraway in spring, but it is even more amazing from the back! Do spend time to walk further and go inside the backside cave of the waterfall to get this pretty splashy picture.


Splashy Seljalandfoss and Mighty Skogafoss


After climbing up to Skogafoss, the gang spent energy in trekking along Dyrholaey cliff nearby Vik. Adrenaline rushed in Dyrholaey was the thing you won’t forget: strong wind, slippery yet fragile ice, and cliff’s edge facing cold Atlantic Ocean. 


Dyrholaey Cliffs


Next dare challenge was going to the Reynisfjara beach in winter time. Yup, completely covered with ice surface and wet black pebble there. Even the snow also spreading on the Eldhraun moss field.

Eldhraun moss field mix nicely with snow!


IMG_1071- tws

Hof Turf Church – still stunning no matter what


Can’t get enough of winter beach, they drove to Stockness, black sand beach nearby Hofn. As one of location for “Game of Thrones” series, its gloomy landscape totally stole the show of the day. Misty evening sparks makes it irresistible to pass. If you notice, the mountain as a background actually called “Batman” mountain.


Stockness in winter


As perfect closure of the day, the group play along in Jokulsarlon. Cold, but who care’s? Stand cold is bold!


IMG_1105- tws


The next day, the group trekked in Skaftafell Peninsula. They’re such a lucky one, since the sun was shining during that day. What’s to long for? Without a doubt, it’s the most breathtaking view from Sjonarnipa view point! Although, the trekking route itself was actually an eye candy.


IMG_1427-WS 2

This is always be our favourite place!


Without a doubt, this is the it place in Iceland for us! Call it spring or winter, Sjonarnipa is always take our breath away. So, don’t miss it in your itinerary. Personally, Skaftafell and Sjonarnipa in spring is lusher and profounder.



The original plan was visiting U.S. Navy plane wreck, but the road was closed. Not the time for plane wreck apparently. Please take a peek how’s the wreck like from our Icelandic road trip in spring! Until then, just enjoy the road, I guess….



With some time left, it’s time to seize the day…. What can be more relaxing than take a dip in natural geothermal pool in Seljavallalaug? I bet they sleep so tight that night 🙂




Last day of Iceland exploration was closed by Golden Circle area. This is the-must-visit-but-so-touristic-in-Iceland. But people come here anyway. Not just for the sake of crossing their bucket list, but because those places are really genuinely beautiful.



Golden circle: Thingvellir, Geysir, Gullfoss


On the way back, snow was falling… Great, another winter challenge!




Another must visit is Blue Lagoon, which is so famous with their turquoise geothermal pool that rich in silica and algae! (Pssttt… I adore their silica mud mask until I had one as souvenir in case I miss Icelandic spa so much!).


Blue Lagoon – never a dull moment


Last night in Iceland, people could be happy-go-lucky, though. At 03:00 o’clock, they saw level 2 aurora borealis. Surely needs to go back one day to see higher level! Such a midnight sensation having this panorama before going back home and ended the holiday.


IMG_1653-WS 2


It’s proven now, Iceland in winter is not a single less fun than spring!

Time will see what Iceland grant us in summer!



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