Kornati: 8 reasons you must visit this Croatian paradise

Summer is on and so is holiday. Are you into heat sensation with sparks of coast panorama in Europe? Croatia it is!  We’re so excited towards our summer getaway plan: road trip, seafaring in boat, and snorkeling.

Apart from all beauty offers by Croatia, Kornati National Park is definitely one of a must-visit place (official link of the National Park here). Read on our 8 reasons that our travel spirit hooked up here below.





1. Voyaging between fascinating islands of Kornati National Park

To go to Kornati, a National Park hosting around 89 islands in Adriatic Sea, seafaring through Zadar or Murter is the best option. Best decision we took is to rent a boat. With rental boat, sketching map in your own pace is absolutely possible. No more hustling bustling in big touristy boat with tied-up schedule. We enjoyed our boat – moreover, love it when we drove it! Thumbs up for Paulo Basic from Murterin, who help us getting this superb deal!



2. Blend in with power of nature

Strong Adriatic wind crafting rocky cliff in Kornati into unique cliff line. That day was windy weather with shaky sea current. Thus, pretty impossible to do crazy things like cliff jumping. If you adrenaline junkie, maybe that’s a thing for you. We heard about 70 years old Grandma did jump from cliff of Kornati. Y.O.L.O. right?

But, no walking or jumping from the “crowns”, cliffs directly facing the Adriatic. It’s forbidden.




3. Drink up your vitamin sea

Ocean that on the way of Kornati islands is not only pretty blue, but also mesmerizing under. Do whatever suits your taste. Either chilling and sunbathing on the beach or dipping in cooling turquoise sea. Snorkeling to greet little fish here is fairly nice (although strong current made the sea turbid at that time).



4. Taste the (sea)food

Take a break, sip a coffee, or lunch in here in the Park! Plenty of options you can get – although it can be pricey. Honestly, our taste buds were never taste anything like squid ink risotto in Levrnaka restaurant!



5. Go up and down!

Traveling in islands doesn’t limit you into coast or beach. Scenic view spreading out for you after you walk up to the cliff and hill. Some awesome islands in Kornati are: Rasip island (best cliff and Adriatic Sea), Tarac in main island (best bird view with Tureta Fortress ruins), and Mana island (caring built up Greek village as classic movie set).



6. Keep active!

Not only as apple to your eyes, Kornati National Park can be a hot spot for the sporty. We chose tranquil Levrnaka bay to have our first experience in Stand-Up-Paddle (SUP). Paulo Basic from Murterin introduce this spectacular summer sport (rent SUP from them here). Basically, it’s like canoeing in standing position. For us newbie, the hardest thing is to get up after starting squat position. No more words, you should try yourself.



7. Stroll in Nearby Murter Island

One of the access to Kornati is through Murter Island. Murter is famous for summer paradise, as an island which still connected with the main part of Dalmatia, Croatia. Surrounded by 4 other smaller cities, Murter winning people’s heart because this city offers much in tourism. Get in touch with Murterin tourism agency for luxury accommodation, guide, and many more in Murter and Kornati.


Don’t miss to watch 360 degree panorama from Chapel of Sv Roka in Murter hill. We could not express how marvelous it is to you – so you must go there (or watch the beauty in our video 🙂 )



8. Sunset Chilling in Tisno

Our fully hectic day could only be perfect by relaxing in peaceful ambient of Tisno. Tisno is only 15 min drive from Murter. Wrap up yourself from breeze and find a VIP seat nearby Tisno marina – golden hours awaits you here!



Surely, many travelers can add more reasons to our list. Any opinion? And we’re not stopping only here in our Croatian summer, so follow our wander stories later on!

By the way, Kornati National Park was introduced in Indonesian NET News – NET 10 Channel! Check it below (only in Indonesian language)



  1. Dear Astrisia Artanti, thank you for the great promotion of Kornati National park and the surrounding area. We really appreciate Your effort to share Your positive experience to the public (but also open for those negative in order to improve them)!
    Hope You’ll come again!
    Martina Markov

    • Dear Martina, thanks for your comment. I just edit to put link of National Park Kornati also!
      We love our time in Kornati and definitely our pleasure to share this to anyone.

      If you could use some of material from our blog, that will be a good promotion of our blog also 🙂
      We notice you already had superb aerial view, but maybe our video is interesting for you?

      Kind regards,
      Astrisia A & William S.

    • Thanks a lot! Hopefully you enjoy reading it!

    • Hi, super duper thanks for sharing our blog and story about how superb Kornati is!
      Love it!


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