In love with aquamarine sanctuary in Croatia, Plitvice

I must say nothing more tranquil than a day well-spent in this super famous National Park in Croatia called Plitvice. At first, we thought National Park Plitvice is so much well-known which make us not interested to visit this place (talking about anti mainstream travelling destination).

TimeWillSee team thought this place will be to much ordinary to share with all of you – but apparently not and it’s really worthy decision that we take! Read further our 5 reasons we love National Park Plitvice!



5. Lush with natural landscape

Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera is registered as UNESCO World Heritage in 1979 that charms million tourists. If you are nature-lover, I could not agree more that your heart will struck by this place. It’s actually more than green lush trees which match perfectly with turquoise water. This park is natural habitat of tufa, a porous rock formed from calcium carbonate which involves blue-green algae and cyanobacteria in the water. Super cool, right?

P.S.: Plitvice is famous for its brown bear, but we didn’t meet any last time… Should we be glad or not??



4. Sparkling aquamarine water

True beauty comes unseen. Plitvice also offers underwater attraction, with school of trouts swimming around – not afraid neither clumsy around visitors. Perfect place for you who’s looking for retreat place.

Tips: find cozy place to enjoy Lake Kozjak where you can do boat watching, fish moving, or duck do fish-hunting in stop P2 in Upper Lakes.



3. Uncountable waterfalls

OK, this is actually a bit exaggerating. It’s actually countable but who cares since they’re amazing anyway! The highlight of Plitvice is Great Waterfalls, which is nearby entrance 1. So, don’t miss it guys!

What we love: small countless waterfalls formation in Upper Lakes. Go there by boat to stop P2. Also, this place tend to be less crowded.




2. Easy, affordable, and cozy environment

We don’t find any hard time finding Plitvice, considerably good road, clear signage, enough parking lot, and nearby bus stop. Entrance fee 110 – 120 Croatian Kuna is already giving you possibility to enjoy facilities, like sightseeing on-road train, lake crossing boat (see point 4!), and well maintained walk pathway. Very worth to spend, I must say.

Sharing is caring: we spent 3 – 4 hours in this National Park and we felt we need more time. If you nature lover, you can get 2 days ticket also.



1. No boring time ever

Plitvice is not the only one, but you can reach nearby nice places. Anyway, this is how we do it…

Seagull rocks or known as cave of Pula. Drive into end of small road Fizela, park your car in nearby lcoal beach, and walk for 10 – 15 min. Super bizarre rocky beach.



Pula City – 3 hours driving from Plitvice. No need to tell much, just one thing: Colosseum in the middle of the city is amazing.



Sveti Rok mountains and tunnel – rocky mountains with peculiar shape- challenging route for mountain biking. It’s important not to miss signage of Sveti Rok Tunnel, because after you’re out from the tunnel, you need to find a parking lot to enjoy the view.




Fair enough to say that we enjoyed the journey, not only destination Plitvice!

We’ll see you in next adventure in Croatia!

Cheers, TimeWillSee


IMG_8787- tws plitvice



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