Touch Iceland in 13 Days Road Trip – Day 09

Our 9th day in Iceland was not a long day – we explore less in slower pace. Our energy level sinking by the exhaustive road trip. But nothing could stop us from adventurous time in Iceland – and we hope the same for you by presenting our wanderlust in this video!


Our glimpse voyage in Iceland


Day 09: Exploration Snaefells Peninsula


We start the day in nice town of Ólafsvík. They had renovation in facilities, which is good because their old facilities was already very old. We planned to explore Snaefells Peninsula today before approaching the Golden Circle.


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Map Touch Iceland in 13 Days Road Trip – Day 09


When you are in Snaefells, you should pay a visit to Rif. Rif is a small town, which is famous for their secluded harbor with its glossy turquoise water reflecting boats. We were full of the joys of spring – simply from its serenity.

11:30 Rif harbour
11:30 Rif harbour


After simple sunbathing and bird watching aside sea in Rif, we went back to the route 574 towards Hellisandur. After this town, we need to take gravel roads. No worries, you’ll find lava fields to enjoy just before that! Here, you’ll reach entrance of Snaefells National Park, which allow you to enjoy the view of mountain Snæfellsjökull along the road.



We couldn’t believe it! We met Icelandic young boys who had a dare challenge. Posing half-naked with their swimming trousers in 10 degree Celcius on Skarðsvík beach, no kidding. We figuratively wore two layers of jacket at that time.


IMG_4245ed tws
13:00 Hellisandur and Skarðsvík beach

Next was the lighthouse Ondverdanes. This place is the most West part of Snaefells Peninsula. Walk along the walk pathway and you’ll see the nicest viewpoint to see Norwegian Sea adjacent to with Icelandic cliffs. Its charm was beyond words!



After fine strolling, we managed to beat the gravel until we go back to route 574. This route offered view of inactive volcano Saxholl, an odd landscape I must say.



After passing the Snaefells National Park, we stopped by in viewing point of Hellnar Arch. This rest area is quite vast and enjoyable. We had our lunch accompany by Hellnar Arch in faraway.



We planned to go to Arnarstapi – had a nice arch and recommended cafe nearby. The plan afterwards was trekking to Budakirkja then continue our journey on road 574 until reach road 54.

Once again, our plan was changed. There is an accident in front of us, which made the (only) road close for the next 2 hours. Lessons learnt, please be careful on your road trip, guys. Safety comes first!

We did turn around and take route 54- which was a detour and longer route to go to Budakirkja. Anyway, we reached Budir and Budakirkja in the end. So fortunate, because that place was amazing!



After spending few hours in serene Budir, we drove to Ytri Tunga. The place was not hard to find because there was a sign (be alert for seals signing). After the parking lot, you can walk for some more kilometers closer to seashore – so you can easily see them.


This place was the highlight of our day! We spent half an hour sitting on the rocks aside the seashore just watching seals sunbathing, swimming, and shyly watching us back.

IMG_4646ed tws
18:00 Ytri Tunga beach for seal watching

Further on the road, we enjoyed the marvelous Icelandic road views. Never ever doubt its beauty. Even town named Borgarnes was simply mesmerized us by holding us in dinner and resting for a while.



After leaving Borgarnes and Akranes, the next thing we faced was another tunnel. But to pass this peculiar tunnel, you need to pay 1000 ISK per vehicle from Akranes to approach Thingvellir. This tunnel was still on the ring road 1, so prepared your pocket when you pass this road.



Anyway, that was unique (and paid) experience we had today. Creeping to our nest for tonight, Thingvellir campsite, we turned to route 36.



Finally we reached Thingvellir camping site – which was easy to find since they are next to information center office. Yes, they are in multiple locations and they’re huge!



We set up our tent next to bushes and camper to avoid cold wind. It worked, even we had a plus. We had a nice evening chat with Icelandic couple, who enjoyed weekend in their camper. Till tomorrow!


IMG_4904ed tws


  1. Day 6 is a particularly interesting as the road will take you to many unique places. You’ll start with Dettifoss, Europe’s most powerful waterfall . It’s massive, you’ll be impressed!

    • HI Alex, thanks for your comment! Yes indeed, Dettifoss was amazing 😀 Is it your favourite waterfall to see?

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