Touch Iceland in 13 Days Road Trip – Day 10

Time flies when you’re having fun! Indeed, we were having so much fun in Iceland. Three days to go before going back to The Netherlands, we were still in spirit for adventure in Iceland. We’ll bring you on that day, so keep on reading.

Finally, we touched down the ultimate-must-visit thing in Iceland: Golden Circle. If you skip this place, it’s like going to France without selfie in front of Eiffel Tower! So, no further info needed, this was really THE Iceland travelling.

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10:00 Morning greeting from Iceland!

Day 10: Exploration Golden Circle


Let me briefly tell you about Golden Circle – which its position in the map does not look like a circle at all to me….

Golden Circle is a famous name for area consisting Thingvellir National Park, Geysir geothermal gas Haukadalur, and Gullfoss waterfall. They are very famous because their close location to Reykjavik, capital of Iceland, makes it simply perfect to be a day-out activity for many tourists. Be alert, they are also the most concentrated tourism spots!


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Map of Touch Iceland in 13 Days Road trip – Day 10


Luckily, we spent the night in Thingvellir campsite. We already slept in Golden Circle itself, kind of perfect starting point for us to ahead from many tourists. Check our sneak peek about how we reached Thingvellir campsite here.

Thingvellir is a complex of National Park, which offers many things to enjoy likewise waterfalls, friendly trekking path and park, (very unique!) diving site, and enjoyable lake. I really recommend you to take time to enjoy everything by spend a night in this National Park.



After breakfast, sitting down and admiring Öxarárfoss waterfall in the morning was like a meditation treatment for me. While my husband busy with his camera and tripod thing (worth to wait though, he makes our blog so good in pictures!), I just absorbing sunshine and listening to serene water stream sound.



Walking further from Öxarárfoss will lead you to see branch of Öxarár river, which flowing away from Öxarárfoss. Then, you’ll be in information point as well as sightseeing place of Thingvellir National Park. Most tourist groups gather here to listen to National Park history. Although it was always crowded with tourists come and go, this place was interesting for me. Here, you can enjoy broad view of Thingvellir National Park until faraway Lake Thingvallavatn.


Thingvellir National Park is an UNESCO World Heritage Site considering important role of this place during Commonwealth era of Iceland. To preserve the historical and cultural part, the park treated like it was before in 1800s. In the middle of it, we found a simple but modest church namely Thingvallakirkja.



The uniqueness of Thingvellir National Park is not only on cultural part, but also on geographical. Silfra is a name of the place where two plates of North America and Eurasian met. To make us even amazed, there is special snorkeling and diving guided tour here. If you are diving addict, don’t miss this one for sure (check the website here).


After pleasing by natural beauty here, we continued to go for second pit stop of Golden Circle: Gullfoss. We took route 365 (small road inside National Park, slow speed needed) and route 37. Both routes offered beautiful landscape so no boring driving time.

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17:00 The Gullfoss – golden waterfall in golden circle

 That is massive waterfall in Iceland, Gullfoss. Having meaning as golden waterfall, this one is the biggest waterfall in Iceland in term of size. When you see them, you’ll understand why people keep coming  despite the tourists crowd.


We liked this place very much because there are a lot of viewing points for this object, from eagle eye view until closer look. Once again, don’t forget to wear waterproof jacket here and cover your cameras and lenses.



Another highlight in Gullfoss was actually the food in Gullfoss tourist information center cafetaria. We adored their lamb soup so much, especially since you can get unlimited refill and bread. What can be more perfect than that? Well, at least that’s for us.



No need for long explanation, those pictures show the marvelous Geysir. This odd geothermal phenomenon  was my bucket list in visiting Iceland . I’ve been longing to see the bubbling aqua color before rocketing sky high. It was really worth to watch. 


After the madness of waiting and bursting in Geysir, we went to Reykjavik via route 37, 365, and 36. It was cloudy but look below how nice blue hue we had that day.



Parking for free in Sunday, we strolled in the city to soak up the vibrant city air. Although it was Sunday evening, Reykjavik still had bustling and hustling atmosphere. Of course, Reykjavik was the busiest city we visited, in comparison to others in previous days of our road trip.



Our tummy  journey start in food stall that worldwide famous. What else then Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur hot dog stall around old harbor area of Reykjavik. Literally means ‘the best hot dog in town’, they really mean it. Starting since former USA President Bill Clinton tasted the hotdog, it went viral. Nonetheless today, the queue was impressive for such a small stall on Sunday evening. Check them here. I choose the hot dog with everything: the combination of lamb sausage, mayonnaise, ketchup, and fried onion was superb!



Since we did not have any dinner yet and a hot dog was only snacking for us, we strolled to find nice dinner place along the harbor alley. No need for doubt, we definitely decided to go to Seabaron, a popular restaurant in Reykjavik for local or tourists. Its location is also very near with harbor itself, with nice open terrace that we like.



Nice restaurant does not mean nice place only, Seabaron saegreifinnoffers nice food and unique food for local and tourists. Fish of the day was always nice option. My husband opted the seabass.  No doubt, I went to choose Seabaron iconic lobster soup. If you curious with Seabaron, check their menu here. No judgement, this restaurant also offers minke whale meat to grill.



With happy tummy, we took short walk aside Reykjavik old harbor just to enjoy the golden hours. We had short stop in Reykjavik icon Hallgrímskirkja. The splendid sunset rays made it looks even better at evening.



We went ahead to our camp place for today, Grindavik campsite. Via route 43, we passed the silent evening under golden hours.



In the end of the day, regardless gigantic wind shaking our tiny tent, we fell asleep easily. It didn’t meant we sleep nicely. Every hour we woke up by the sound of the wind, which was closer to screaming and abusing our tent. Poor tent. Let’s call it a day and took off.

Oops… do not forget to watch the recap of tenth day in our video below!

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