Touch Iceland in 13 Days Road Trip – Day 11

Waking up in Reykjanes Peninsula felt different than any other places in Iceland. It was busy yet lazy. Whatever that was, today we would dipping in Blue Lagoon. Super cool and we couldn’t wait for it!



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Day 11: Wellness time in Blue Lagoon and Exploration of Reykjanes Peninsula 


It’s been a traveling dogma already: without dipping in Blue Lagoon, you missed the real Icelandic retreat experience. The entrance to Blue Lagoon was not cheap. However, I am a fan of hot spring bathing since onsen (hot spring in Japanese, usually including bathing and inn facilities surrounding it) experience in Japan. So, the visit was set and tickets were booked already!

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11:00 Blue Lagoon packed with people – but still nice!

What makes Blue Lagoon differs with other hot springs in Iceland? I can answer it easily. Blue Lagoon offers turquoise blue color view blend vividly with rocky landscape and modern-but-fit-in facilities. Another easy guess is this hot spring rich in minerals, silica, and algae that are skin rejuvenation ingredients.



The coziest thing for me was proper transition pool from building to outside hot spring – and (fortunately) vice versa. Another wow factor for us was friendly staff from Blue Lagoon giving cordial gesture taking pictures of guests and send your picture via email. What a service!


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Map Touch Iceland in 13 Days Road Trip – Day 11


Time flew fast, it was already noon. We grabbed our lunch and  covered Reykjanes Peninsula area. Today will be our last landscape excavation in Iceland – kind of sad but also relaxing on the other side. Compared to previous indigenous adventure days we had, this day was cheesy.



We spent few hours arranging our rental car surround Keflavik Airport. We booked our car from GeysirWe planned to exchange to 4-wheels Jeep car to get closer to the utmost well-known hiking track in the world, Landmannalaugar. However, since 2015 had cold spring, nowadays the snow and ice still covering the trek and it is not safe to reach the place. The possible routes to go there are closed. That’s the news we got after calling the Icelandic road administration (check their info for your travel here.) One way and another, we managed to extend our mini city car instead of using Jeep. 



Sudden struck, we totally had no clue where to go. Our itinerary was mentioning interesting trip to Landmannalaugar, evening dip in warm river, and camping in the place of must-visit-for-trekking in the wold. Reality hurts, but we need to make a new plan. Like, now.


We decide to explore Reykjanes Peninsula because this area was the only one we did not explore yet. Another thing is we already tired and slow pace is totally our best shoot. No worries folks, anyhow Iceland was perfect in any different ways.


IMG_6017ed tws


Then, heading to mid of Rekjanes Peninsula we were in the cloudy midday. If you ask me what was the most interesting thing that day, it was visit to Krisuvikurkirkja. What’s in it? Figuratively, nothing… Hey, travel is never about destination but the experience, right?



Krisuvikurkirkja used to be the iconic church of Iceland until it was burnt down in 2010. It was mentioned to be under construction in 2015, though. Excited to see what this iconic thing looks like, I insisted my husband to drive there. In route 42, nothing but dry terrain we passed. We took turn towards sign of Krisuvikurkirkja until we faced with dead end. We were surprised because the road we took was the only road.

Did we pass any church? The church was nothing more than the empty field with pack of sheep passing in slow motion now.


IMG_6105ed tws


After took some time off in front of the current Krisuvikurkirkja, we drove back to explore lakes in Reykjanes Peninsula. The nice looking one was Graenavatn, green turquoise color crater resulted from explosion ages ago. If the wind was not so stubborn, I think hiking surround Graenavatn will be lovely.



Without a doubt, our next visit was neighbor lake, Kleifarvatn. This is the largest lake in Reykjanes Peninsula. Here, we took our precious power nap. Till next few minutes…

Finally, we’re back alive again.

Honestly we felt a bit boring exploring Reykjanes Peninsula. We drove further to small town called Selvogur. I am satisfied with our decision, because I could be close to Icelandic horses and play with them. What a nice time!



Selvogur was like a ghost city. Like finding diamond in a rough, we found free camping site in this place which had abandoned look from outside. But if you enter, you can see some houses and building for toilets and cooking facilities available in the complex. The best thing is, this campsite is free (read: budget best-buddy)! You could also buy organic egg and vegetables there.



After that, our crazy mind lead us to meet Icelandic elf houses! What a score for today. How to spot them? You need to go to junction between ring road 1 to route 36/35. Keep an eye on foothill aside you, which had a lot of rocks. You will find around five rocks painted with tiny door for elf. Such a cutie thing to miss (at least for me).



Follow route 36/35, we turned to route 435 which said to offer superb view. And indeed, it was.



One note from me, when you see any rest area or stopping point, don’t ever miss it. The view from high view point was breathtaking in many ways.


IMG_6529ed tws


If you want to have Icelandic mountain road trip experience but stuck in Reykjanes Peninsula, due to time, budget, etc, just do anything to make sure you visit route 435! The place is magical yet offers similar environment like mountain roads in Icelandic secluded places (like Bakkagerdi or Snaeffels Peninsula).



Without counting the time, we already headed back to Reykjavik. Back to busy streets and packed buildings, we took slow pace like we missed those metropolitan essence. Odd but true, I kinda missed those street sounds.



We hit the sack that night in campsite of Reykjavik. Best campsite ever for beginner camper! They had huge buildings for bathrooms and toilets. Surprisingly, they have separate building for kitchen and eating room where you can freely charge and browse with your notebook (with paid Wi-Fi, though), and enormous variation of Icelandic maps.


With this camp, no more feelings like a lone stranger because you meet a lot of people. Seriously. Maybe even too crowded. Anyway, we manage to find a cozy place aside our wind shield bushes. End of the day like usual, built a tent, sip warm green tea, and fell asleep like a kid after playing in amusement park. Goodnight from Reykjavik!


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  1. Just amazing. Cant find many words to describe your near perfect travel blog on Iceland. Just felt i visited the place myself.
    I am looking forward for my visit in Apr-May with 2 of my friends.
    Keep up the excellent work. Hope it comes in handy during my visit.

    • Hi Arjun, thanks for reading and enjoying our story in Iceland!
      I’ll post our story visiting Iceland last March, so keep on checking!
      Hope you will have a blast and awesome time there 🙂 Inform me your story, ok?
      Cheers, Time Will See

    • Thanks Arjun! We’re so happy to bring you our stories, so you have tips in front. How was your trip? Tell me your story later on, ok?

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