Touch Iceland in 13 Days Road Trip – Day 12 & 13

Cant’ believe time flew in flash. So fast that it was already our last day of Icelandic adventure, just before our early bird flight on the next day. Not much time left, but we lived our time left to the fullest!


Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 00.21.13Map Touch Iceland in 13 Days Road Trip – Day 12 & 13


Day 12 & 13: Exploration in Reykjavik, Capital City of Iceland

The last day in Iceland, let’s make it the moment of the fullest! Pleased by marvelous Icelandic landscape along 11 days, it’s our time to spend time in the city. Well, not only a city but the hip and artsy Icelandic metropolis: Reykjavik.


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Where to start Reykjavik walk? I will say the church is the focal point to start. There’s a straight way to go to the center of the city (where it’s only for pedestrian). You can park your car for free, that’s also a plus. However, any pathway to walk on in Reykjavik was pretty scenic. We enjoyed our morning stroll that day in every pave we took and still be able to gasp in every turn.



We found a nice photo gallery on our walk. Apparently, the photograph doing analog photography in Reykjavik already for more than 10 years! He sells his book and small souvenirs like unique Reykjavik photos. Although you do not plan to have some souvenirs with you, his store is kind of cool and worth visit.


Next walk route is going to pedestrian walk. This place is the place for enjoying Reykjavik. Nice souvenirs shop (Ehm, maybe that’s only interesting for tourists like me :] ), art show in the street, and unique troll aside the street. How you cannot have fun with that?



When we walked a bit more, we saw a lot of nice Icelandic houses and buildings. That’s what I loved from having a city trip.



After some walk (and shop), we stopped by to enjoy warm Reykjavik Museum of Photography, which was surprisingly very nice! The entrance is free, though.



Next thing I remember was sound from our hungry tummy. Lunch time coming in, apparently. There is a nice and hip place to eat in the corner of the street, just across Reykjavik old harbor area. The restaurant called Icelandic Fish & Chips. Our lunch were fish sea bass and another typical Icelandic as the fish of the day.

After short pause and strolling in the mist, we found another heaven in Reykjavik. Welcome in Reykjavik Roasters, a coffee house in the corner of the street. Small but cozy, vibrant but calming at the same time. We glad to be there for our coffee break, its simplicity yet amazing coffee boost up our energy.


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After a fine mood charging time, on the dry weather (finally, although it was still super chilly) walked us back to the church of Hallsgrimkirkja. We’re back not for finish our day, but to have a nice wrap of our Icelandic voyage: top of Hallsgrimkirkja, of course. You need to pay a small amount but it was such a paid off.



The  next day was routine travel thing. We drove in the dusk to Keflavik Airport for returning the rental car and catching early bird flight. We left incredibly tired with bone weary bodies – but it was more than worth it.

Let me bring those moments to you through our last day in Iceland video below from yours truly timewillsee crews!

At last… wait for our next trip of timewillsee the world!


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