Touch Iceland in 13 Days Road Trip – Day 07

Time flies when you’re having fun. Indeed, already half of our Icelandic trip we were now. At this day, we played hide-and-seek with the rain clouds. To grab the feeling, keep an eye on our 7th day video under this article.


We shifted from North Iceland to West Fjords Peninsula. Turf building in Skagafjörður Heritage Museum pleased our historical senses. Lush surrounding of Ísafjörður soothed our wanderer soul. Stupefied by phenomenal road to and from Dynjandi was a magnificent ending of the day!


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Map of Touch Iceland in 13 Days Road Trip – Day 07


Day 07: Exploration of North Iceland and West Fjords Peninsula

Started the day in Varmahlíð, the weather displayed its lazy pack of clouds. Remarkably adjusted with Icelandic gloom, we were fond of chilly vale breakfast time. Right after we finished car washing (what a productive morning, right?), those grey clouds traveled closer above us. Thus, we embarked towards nearby village Skagafjörður at 10:00.

11:00 Skagafjörður Heritage Museum
11:00 Skagafjörður Heritage Museum

Skagafjörður Heritage Museum was a place to enrich knowledge of yesteryear Iceland. Authenticity of the building still preserved well. We strolled between turf buildings. Turf is an old Icelandic architecture style. The roof full-covered with grass is its signature.



Skagafjörður Heritage Museum bravely stood up to tell the world what Icelandic historical is. Its focal point is the grand Glaumbaer farmhouse. This conserved farmhouse is enormous one in its era – around 1800s. Aside to it is a typical Icelandic church architecture: simple white wooden building with bright red roof aside cemetery complex. Do visit exhibition to get complete stories of Glaumbaer and relax at Áskaffi tea room.

IMG_1400ed tws
11:30 Áskaffi Tea Room

Skagafjörður Heritage Museum make you travel back to the past. Its nice staffs dressed up in ancient wardrobe. Flashback to the Icelandic mid 18th century you are when you sit down for morning tea and Icelandic cakes in Áskaffi.


Not much time spent in this lovely place. Racing with time, we dashed back in ring road 1. We were behind our original plan. Supposed to overnight in Illugastaðir, a place near North – West Fjords Iceland border, today we must catch another 115 km left . The faster, the better now. Despite the hurry, we watched out our speed limit. It was a big no to left empty handed because of huge fine.


We passed a calm town which famous for salmon fishing, Blönduós. Here we took a peek in Salmon Center Blönduós. Very interesting to see all those types of salmon inside huge aquarium with different equipment of fishing and explanation inside. If you are a fishing type, you could spend a day to have fishing trip arranged here.

IMG_1421ed tws
13:00 Blönduóskirkja

We were more to eating type, so we did not spend so much time here. Unfortunately, no opportunity to eat fresh salmon here (or we just did not notice?) It was good that we can see Blönduóskirkja to compensate our disappointment missing the fresh salmon. Blönduóskirkja is a modern and simple style of architecture. Blend of cement colour, plain wood, and transparent glass make an incredible building to see.



Few kilometres after Blönduós, we transversed from ring road 1 to route 61 to go to West Fjords Peninsula. Continue in ring road 1 will lead you to the south, which is towards Snaeffels Peninsula and capital city Reykjavik.

Point taken from yesterday road drama, we checked the road condition before starting the journey. This official Icelandic road website was a nice and visual one.



The best lunch time was the lunch break in Borðeyri. Looks like an abandon movie set, hollow and silent are the best words to describe it. Assumed this town had been a big one, since they had campsite and hostel facilities. Somehow, the campsite was closed (no wonder in this kind of hurricane) and the hostel was locked and looked inactive.

IMG_1449ed tws
14:00 Have a break in Borðeyri

 The only sound in our ears was the wind blown vigorously. The only thing we saw was drifting waves on the shore and shaking pole. Perfect arrangement I must say. The whole city was our picnic table.


The border of North and West Fjords Peninsula is a few kilometers from Borðeyri. Accompany with sudden sunny weather, we left the North. Adieu!



Road trip in West Fjords Peninsula was a brilliant idea! Be it sunny with blue sky, turquoise ocean, wavy shore, rocky cliff, green meadow, and dozen birds flying by; nothing beats their perfectly set beauty.

IMG_1592ed tws
15:30 Icelandic dream – who ever think Iceland could be so tropical like


Quick time off aside the shore was enough to seize West Fjords charm. Longing for more beauty ahead, we back to the road again – still in route 61 – direction to Ísafjörður. Quoted from our guide of the trip, GPS sound by Mr Garmin, “four hours to reach Ísafjörður. Continue 321 km towards route 61.”



He made it sounds easy, right? The reality was not. After passing Hólmavík town, the journey tested our nerves. We had worse trip though. We still freshly remember our horrific route 94 to Bakkagerdi, East Fjords Iceland. Changed to gravel road, the route 61 went up through anonymous mountains.



Be it white of snow, glacier, or sky; the rest was solely burnished colour of the road. Like a beauty comes with a pain, its spectacle worth the hassle.

IMG_1824ed tws
17:00 short break on route 61

West Fjord Peninsula’s road was exactly like a roller coaster. Rehearsed by bumpy motion to face slow pace crawling up. Amusing climax was, of course, plunging from the snowy mountains. The ride ended after twisted along fjords. Five and more fjords elapsed by us preceding Ísafjörður. Thus, we enjoyed the ride with nothing less!


 18:00 onward; West Fjords Peninsula’s road like a roller coaster


Green, green, green; nearby Ísafjörður was totally fertile landscape. Laid on the foothill and covered by mighty mountains, Ísafjörður was a tranquil town.



Even with less exploration time, I can recommend to come here, especially for camping. Its campsite was like coming out from country movie. Located near a small river falling down from a hill, you can imagine how serene it is.


IMG_2130ed tws


After having our moment in the lunch, we were over the moon by our dining place on lake next to Vestfjarðarvegur. No brisk yet still chill, we ate sandwich accompanied by lukewarm Japanese green tea. Heavenly sky mirrored perfectly on the surface; disrupted rebound of evening sun ray to it.



A traveler gotta do what a traveler gotta do. We hit route 61 again approaching the endpoint of the day, Patreksfjörður, as planned. During this trip, we will pass over Sandafell view point and Dynjandi waterfall.



Guide Mr Garmin told us it will be for the next 3 hours to reach Patreksfjörður. Indeed, what a long drive. At least mountainside small waterfalls along the road gave us a bit of zen sensation. As exclusively lone car on this desolate place, I can say we owned it.



I must warn you in advance. Caution, Dynjandi area is dangerously beautiful! So unfortunate, we already hypnotized by its flawless charm.

IMG_2352ed tws
23:00 Dynjandi, our razzle-dazzle moment of the day

Regardless the puzzling, route to and from Dynjandi was like a splendid labyrinth. Once you’re steping in, you’ll dazzle it for hours! Spending our midnight sunset here, we didn’t mind at all.  



Midnight dusk colored the sky canvas. Fascinate thing to soak in after a rough day. Ask Icelandic goats to know where the hip place to be.

IMG_2830ed tws
00:30 The hip place to enjoy the midnight

Being alone for three hours, we felt only joy when another car passing by. A simple gesture like waving with another human being brought us back to civilization. Approaching Patreksfjörður occurred effortless – thanks to today’s roller coaster.



In complete silent, Patreksfjörður welcomed us. We built our tent neatly yet quietly. Not along time needed until we fell asleep – dreaming about magical views we had today.


IMG_2894ed tws


Today’s quite unbelievable experience though. Well, see it with your own eyes in our recap day 7 video below!


Wonderful West Fjords Peninsula, Iceland


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