Simply Take Off to Montenegro

We never had any idea how we can end up travelling to Montenegro. Recently joining EU, this small country surprisingly had been famous as luxury destination. Short distance from Croatia (amazing island hopping in Kornati, by the way) seems logical to drift a bit to this country. Yet nothing is a regret after few minutes driving in between mesmerizing mountains.


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One word to explain this trip: simple. Day trip towards Kotor in Montenegro. We simply curious why this little place could stole people’s heart as Europe’s (un)hidden gem (well, since now you know).



Great story travels fast! Our Montenegro trip had aired in Indonesian channel NET News – travel section. It’s in Indonesian language – but below this article you can find another video version from us 😉 So, read on!


The Journey

Two hours driving from Dubrovnik, Croatia, the journey was not a hustle. Oh, except for long queue in border check between Croatia and Montenegro. Some web source said it could be worst (hours queuing), but ours were half an hour more or less.



Passing through Herceg Novi city, we followed route E65 till short break in Kamenati. This place is also small port for ferry passing to other place, another possibility to go to Kotor.



We chose to drive along the coast since the Adriatic Sea slide beautifully forming the butterfly shape bay of Kotor. Truly irresistible if you see the backdrop of tough rocky mountains.


IMG_3964- tws kotor


The Pause in Perast

If you tired or sleepy, wait till you reach Perast. This small old town is rich with superb view, a unique man-made Island of Gospa od Skrpjela (Our Lady of The Rocks) and Island of Sveti Dorde (Saint George). These islands were said to be built upon remaining of ships. Ironically, people need to take boat to reach this so-called island. Aside from the history, it was a pleasure to sit back and enjoying the high view of both island and Perast city.


IMG_4146- tws kotor


Nothing beat picnic aside the coast (no sandy beach here, by the way) for lunch and chilling out before hit the road again. In between Perast and Kotor, you’ll see tons of nice places to pull over – just because you’ll love the panorama or enjoying quick dip since the sun is too strong.



The Old Town of Kotor

This is it, the highlight of the day, we finally arrived in Kotor. Parking nearby bus station, a bit further from the marina or old town, was cheap yet safe. Let me tell you why Kotor is famous but rarely heard: this place has been a cruise destination (perfect place for cruising stop) since ages. The downside is the price-wise.



Kotor Old Town offers warmth welcome to tourist: understandable map, clear signage everywhere, and friendly people speaking English everywhere. Strolling inside the town has never been flawless. Although the area is almost thousand years old, it is squeaking clean and sparkling. What’s next? Simply follow your guts! Take a selfie in front of 800 years old St Tryphon Cathedral. Searching eye-catching artsy things from shops. Wander around alleys without your map.




The Wayfarer Pleasure: Fortress Sveti Ivan

Visiting the City Wall and Sveti Ivan Fortress is a must in our list for a simple reason, we’re a fan of bird-eye view. Sacrifice of some calories need to be done. Meaning, walking and climbing those stairs aren’t piece of cake in humid weather.



Entrance of few Euros was totally worth paid when you’re up there. Flawless spread of mountain, sea, and those artsy old town is awe-inspiring. I gave some photos for you, but you should definitely visit yourself!


IMG_4736- tws kotor


Sneak peek of our Montenegro trip play our Youtube video below!


Cheers from TimeWillSee crew.

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